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How to start a round?


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  • Michael Holtzmann

    Hello, I have a G3 Model: SS03; FCC ID: 2AHWR-SS04.

    I have several problems with my watch.

    1. The watch no longer charges properly. Although the battery is shown as full, it is empty again after a few minutes and you can't even play 9 holes anymore. After a full charge, it happens again and the watch is empty again after a few minutes

    2. After the GPS has identified my home golf course and it is displayed, it cannot be started (with the top right button). Nothing happens. Even after repeating the procedure.

    I have connected the watch to my iphone and the connection status is displayed, but the code for establishing the Bluetooth connection is no longer displayed on the watch.

    So the watch is no longer usable. Do I still have a warranty on this Golf watch? I think this is less than 2 years old. Please check it with the model number shown above.

    How is the further way of acting? Do I have to send the watch to you? This has no external damage and I can not explain all this.

    Could I please get a quick reply. Is it maybe possible to upgrade to the new G5 and I only have to pay the difference to my broken G3?

    Best Regards

    Michael Holtzman (Düsseldorf / Germany). If it makes sense please call me on my mobil +49 152 02721644



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